Graham Lee & Family writes:

During a recent camping trip to the Northern Flinders Ranges, we experienced another situation where our Freedom Family Tourer proved to be a good choice of tent.

We were camped in a small creek valley at the back of Arkaroola, and had a day of strong winds, capped off with 24 hours of thunderstorms. Then, just when we thought it was all over, we had a very violent wind and rain storm that spent 5 minutes tearing up our little valley.

Many of the mallee scrub trees were flattened several had every branch ripped off their trunks and most of the rest ended up with limbs missing.

The only tent left standing amongst all this was our Family Tourer, supporting the weight of three solid tree limbs that had landed on it.

All other tents in the area were flattened: broken poles and torn.

We have spend about 200 nights in our Family Tourer now, and experienced extreme wind, very heavy rain, dust storms: the works. It has never leaked, blown over or come apart.

It has certainly proved to be a wise choice for us.

A.U. Mambling writes:

I am preparing for our annual Christmas camping holiday and remembering the good times we have had with our family touring tent which we bought from you 4 years ago. We have taken it to Western Australia and back and could put that tent up in 2 minutes while others in the camping ground struggled with their tents, which were the same size as ours.

Last year we had Christmas near Cooma at the Tuross Falls. The rain bucketed down. Fortunately we had also bought the tarpaulin made from the tent material and this provided an outside room. We sat under there for hours and not a drop came through. My sister who also has a Freedom tent went to check that the baby was OK and realised the tent was sitting in 4 inches of water. She said it was like a waterbed. We dug trenches but the tent remained dry despite sitting in the middle of a small stream. The next morning we spoke to the others at the campsite. They all left as the rain had come through their tents.

We moved on to camp below Thredbo on Mt Kosciusko. The camping ground was almost full. We pitched our tent well that night because it looked like rain. We slept like logs and didn’t get up until 11.00am. When we climbed out of the tent we saw that the camping ground had totally emptied. Our tent and a small hiking tent were the only ones left. We spoke to a family with 4 kids who had had to abandon their tent in the middle of the night and move into the hotel at Thredbo. Everything in their tent was drenched and they stayed in the hotel for days as their tent and belongings dried out.

It is a great tent, it’s so easy to put up, it breathes and it is very sturdy, and because we got the slightly bigger one we can put all our belongings inside if we need to. So thanks for our tent we really enjoy it. Have a great Christmas.

Chris, Jayne, Ruby & Max Brook write:

Ken Hall & The Freedom Camping Staff,

Just a brief note to thank you for letting me buy one of your tents over 7 years ago. I bet you probably don’t get many letter of thanks 7 years late, but the tent has been that good! Today I returned and purchased another one for our two children. At the time I must admit that I had some reservations about the price of the tent that I initially purchased from you. Now after many camping trips in the Snowy Mountains and at the beach I can safely say that this tent had been one of the best investments that we have ever made. It was only about two weeks ago that we were away enjoying a holiday at Mallacota, and the weather turned very nasty. Some of our group were outside in swags, however when the rain struck all of our “swagies” soon found their way into our tent. Again I was amazed at the durability of the tent. It’s ability to withstand heavy rain & wind is quite impressive! Your tent has never failed under any type of adverse condition. These are the reasons I came back to you today and purchased a second tent for the kids.

At work recently I mentioned that I was going to purchase a second tent to take the kids camping. My workmates asked me, ‘ How much the tent was going to cost?’, when I told them, you could see a few bewildered looks of their faces. I recounted just how good the original tent had been and also the story of friends who opted for a cheaper tent only to have it destroyed by the wind and rain. Camping when it’s raining or windy can be less than enjoyable. However if you are well equipped, life can be quite easy. Thanks to the quality and reliability of your product our family is well equipped to ride out all the elements that nature can throw at us.

Thanks again, Kind regards.

Chris Walker, Group Leader, Sorrento Sea Scout Group writes:

Dear Ken,

On behalf of all the members of the Sorrento Sea Scouts Group we would like to once again thank you for our new tent.

This is out 4th Freedom Tent and like the others, it has been purchased from the funds from 2 sources. Funds have either been donated by generous community organisations or earned by the sheer hard work of scout, leader and parent fundraising.

It is comforting to know that we have invested in another quality tent, which will no doubt serve out group faithfully for many years. The first 2 tents we invested in are now about 5 years old and are still in excellent condition, despite regular use on shirt term camps and extended use on a Jamboree in Sydney and 2 Cuboree’s. Scout and Cubs are not often considerate of canvas and zips and so to stand up to use in these settings is a testament to their outstanding quality.

Thanks again and we hope that when we next need a new tent, we will be able to purchase it through you and continue our great association with you and your company.

Yours in Scouting

Andrew Burnes from The Australian Outback Travel Company Pty. Ltd writes:

It has been some time since we last spoke and I am writing to tell you that we are about to embark on our 10th season on the Cape and the original family tourers we bought back in 1988 are still in good working order.

Every year we carry over 350 passengers to the top of Australia and these tents are put up and pulled down every night for 26 consecutive weeks. In between being put up and pulled down, they are carted over rough corrugated roads every day and we are also absolutely amazed at the durability of these tents.

Some of the tents we bought several years ago are in pristine condition and look almost new and I can honestly say that this is the most durable piece of camping/operating equipment that we have ever had the pleasure of owning.

Congratulations to all of the team at Freedom Camping for a great job in producing first class equipment.

George Worotnicki from Break-Away Leisure writes:

We at Break-Away Leisure wish to express our deep appreciation of your assistance over these past several years. Your efficiency, practical advice and knowledge, your after-sales service and general support, have allowed us to make the most productive use of our time and resources in running our camping equipment hire business.

The quality of the equipment that we have purchased from Freedom Camping has exceeded our expectations. We have come to appreciate that, as a rule, the gear that you stock offers the best value for the dollar spent.

The Freedom range of tents has our unequivocal endorsement. The following paragraph provides a brief statement of our experience with these superior tents.

From our experience, the significant advantages offered by Freedom tents include:

Unexcelled warranty and after sales service, and superior robustness of gear (maximum turn-around of gear)

Simple to erect, and superior performance in worst conditions (consistent customer satisfaction; significant return custom and word-of-mouth referrals; no losses through refunds)

Superior drying qualities (customer appreciation in use; maximum turn-around of gear)

Maximum wearing qualities and do not fade (consistent customer satisfaction; minimum turnover of gear)

Minimum loss of value with use (can generally dispose of gear at close to purchase price after several years use)

The above considerations would also be particularly important for those individuals intending to make an intelligent purchase of camping equipment for their own personal use.

P.R. Bryce writes:

My husband and I have travelled and camped extensively throughout Australia with four wheel drives, off road camper trailers and various types of tents. Our experience shows that a good quality tent will last many years give good service and allow greater vehicle flexibility. Quality off road trailers / campers are very expensive and you have to find storage room between trips.

We were recently in the market for a family sized tent and headed for Freedom Camping. We had purchased most of our gear from them over the years and were very satisfied with their knowledgeable staff and the range of quality products at reasonable prices.

We wanted a tent which was roomy, well made and ventilated, easy and quick to erect, a manageable size when folded, easy to lift and stow, vehicle access via the annexe irrespective of weather conditions and insect and animal free.

The Freedom Wagon Family Tourer was clearly the answer to our needs and we soon set off on another trip to try the new tent. We endured wind and heavy rain in the Flinders Ranges but were comfortable and safe. In Birdsville we baked but the flow through ventilation was marvellous relief. We always carry a selection of tent pegs to cover any eventuality – however, nothing other than a jackhammer could penetrate the ground at the Birdsville camping area! No doubt Freedom Camping will develop a peg that solves this problem!

Catherine Dunn writes:

We had one afternoon in Melbourne in which to buy a whole list of stuff, one of which was a tent. We had driven past your shop before, knew we could park outside it, so decided to start there. Inside, we met a couple from (I think) Horsham who had spent three months and dozens of phone calls and driven hundreds of kilometres researching tents. They had finally decided that a family tourer was the thing to get. Not being the type to reinvent the wheel, we said, “and we’ll have one too.”

The first real foray outside the backyard was a trip to Wyperfeld, camping by Lake Albacutya. We were meeting another family, ex-neighbours in fact, for a long weekend. We all arrived together, and five minutes later two of our kids had got our tent up and we were boiling the Billy. Our friends struggled for fully thirty minutes with their tent, but it was also a new one after all, as our friend said, “I’m a geologist and not an engineer!”

After a jolly evening, both families went to bed, at which point the weather turned bad. In our tent, three kids, two adults and a dachshund were warm as toast.

In the morning the sun came out and so did we, to find our poor friends had had a cold wet night. Mum and littlest child had decamped to the dubious comfort of the car, Dad and two older children were huddling in less than dry conditions. We did spot our friend jotting down the telephone number of the label of our tent, and next time they stayed with us, surprise! They had one of your tents plus better airmats and sleeping bags too.

We would like to say thank you to that couple we bumped into, if only our friends had bumped into them too. We now have the awning and the sand pegs and are hoping to win the voucher for more goodies. Only wish we had more time to get away.

John Hockley from Evan Evans Hire Pty. Ltd. writes:

This letter is just to let you know how pleased we are with the performance of our Freedom tents.

Hire tents really are subject to unusually hard use. Many of our clients are inexperienced, and generally do not care for the tents as well as someone who owns one would.

Freedom tents are obviously build to last and have an exceptionally long life even with greater than normal use. More to the point we are frequently told that our Freedom tents have stood up to adverse conditions and provided our clients with a dry holiday when all around them have been soaked or blown away!

The materials used and quality of design in Freedom tents are in our opinion second to none.

B & M Harris write:

After purchasing a Freedom Family Tourer we’d like to let you and maybe some prospective purchasers how delighted we have been with our purchase.

We have been campers for many years and have owned several tents during that time. However, after joining a 4 x 4 club about 18 months ago we soon realised the need for a new tent. Not because our old tent was worn out, but because whenever we went camping we’d still be putting up our tent with all its poles and ropes. Others in our group were already sitting down enjoying themselves or they’d have their meals half cooked with their Freedom tents fully set up.

We shopped around extensively but found nothing to compare with the quality found in the Freedom range. So with your friendly assistance and that of Andrew we made our purchase.

The first night in our new “home” away from home was spent at Hattah National Park where the sky opened up and it rained all night. Not a single drop was found inside the tent even though we were actually sitting in about two inches of water outside.

Then came pack up time with the rain still falling lightly. As everyone knows packing away a tent in the wet is not fun. But, this is where the Freedom Family Tourer comes into its own. You just drop the one central pole, pull out the pegs and before you know it, the tent is folded and back in its bag.

Our second night was spent in icy conditions in the Murray Sunsey National Park. In the morning all the tents were very icy, some frozen. But due to the quality of the canvas in our Freedom Tent it had been able to breathe during the night and the lack of condensation was a real plus.

Overall we are extremely happy with our new tent because its made of top quality product, its roomy, fast to erect and very easy to collapse and repack. We are looking forward to many years of happy camping in a Freedom Tourer.

Gary Robertson from Atlas Refrigeration Repairs writes:

Dear Ken,

Just dropping a line to say how happy we are with out family tourer tent. Four years ago we bought a ‘similar’ tent from Rays in Geelong. It cost us nearly $700.00 and looked like yours so we bought it, set it up in the back yard but noticed defects. We rang and were told to bring it back for repair. As it was new, we said we want it replaced. After some argument, we got it replaced, we set the next up and found other defects. When we returned the tent the store manager informed the section manager to make sure we did not leave with a defective tent. They unpacked three more tents before we left with one. We set it up and it looked all right.

Before we could get through the five nights to weather the tent as advised, after a blowy night, I went to inspect my tent but the centre pole had gone through the canvas. We cracked it and got a refund.

This led us to you. We paid more but got a lot more. We’ve been through heavy rain and similar winds and survived perfectly.

We just had Labour Day weekend at Cobram. I know this sounds like a testimonial but should people not be convinced get them to ring the number at the top.

With Kind regards