Freedom Camping tents can be erected and packed away each in 3 minutes time. Stop imagining that a hard-wearing, heavy-duty tent is going to be a nightmare to handle – Freedom Camping tents are built tough, but no nuclear physics degree is required. Simply follow these instructions for some of our favourite tents:

Here's a great example of just how easy it is!

Windows and doors all unzipped and unrolled.Family Tourer. Perfect ground is a slight down hill slope with persons heads pointing up hill. Put down tarp or rubber matting to protect floor and for easy cleaning .
Warning check for sharp sticks on ground

Lay out tent and follow numbers in pegging. Start at the front right of tent . use metal mallet or better is a freedom peg hammer for putting in pegs.

3 types of pegs
Impact steel – Hard ground
Sand pegs – Sand or Mud
Normal steel – Most conditions


Take centre pole which is the thickest pole and is two piece. Put though eyelet in centre of roof frame and lift up tent. This action lifts most of the family tourer.

PUT UP TENTBrand new tents are a bit tight but will loosen up after the first use or if the tents have been pack away wet the pole may be tight.

put up tentNow grab the two hockey sticks and thread them though the back loops.Don’t miss any loops

Put up freedom tentMake sure to put the black webbing over the nipples on the curved ends. This stops the tent sliding on the frame.

Put up tentInsert legs into end of curved poles. Don’t forget black webbing. Must be on before you lift tent.

putting up tentNow stand up frame digging spike into ground pointing towards front of tent on a 45. degree angle

Freedom 3 minute tentThe Ultimate Freedom Camping Tents Range Erected in under 3 minutes