Since its release in 1987 the design team at Freedom have been field testing and refining the Family Tourer until it has developed into the tent you see today. With every Family Tourer sold, satisfied customers assure us of further sales through constant referrals.

Designed to be erected with a minimum of fuss, this tent can easily be assembled in less than 3 minutes. The design of the back frame offers maximum wind protection and more usable space internally, while the Spring-Loaded Centre Pole prevents the tent from collapsing even in Gale Force Conditions.


Setup Time: 3 minutes
Dimensions: W260cm x L 380cm x H 210cm x end height 100cm
Pack Size: 90cm x 90cm x 10cm (Flat and Square)
Pole Size: 130 x 20cm
Weight: 23kg + 5kg poles

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Weight 31 kg
Dimensions 130 × 90 × 15 cm