Choosing the right tent can be very difficult without the correct information or knowledge. In the majority of camping stores the sales staff quite often are not campers themselves. At Freedom we pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience gained from 30 years of camping and Outback Travel.

A simple question such as “Where do you go camping?” is a sure way of knowing that the information given is correct. If sales staff recommend the purchase of a dome tent, again it would indicate that they are not serious campers. Remember when choosing a tent ‘Experience is Priceless’.


  1. Ask the salesperson “is the tent waterproof?” If the answer is no, and a waterproof tent is important to you, contact us at Freedom Camping.
  2. ZIPS ARE PROBABLY THE HARDEST WORKING PART OF A TENT. It is therefore necessary to use the best zips available to ensure a long service life. YKK zips are recognised as the most reliable zips, which is why Freedom uses only YKK zips on the tents. If a manufacturer is not using genuine YKK zips it means they are prepared to compromise on overall quality. Look for the letters YKK on the zip and a 5 year warranty. “Your guarantee of quality.”
  3. SEAMS All Freedom touring tents have the walls secured to the floor using internally sewn seams. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, any rain falling on the tent freely runs to the ground with little chance of pooling and subsequent leaking. Secondly, there is no flooring materials exposed to the elements. Some tent manufacturers utilise a method of extending the flooring material for about 15 centimetres up the wall of the tent. This is known as a mud wall. This allows the sun’s ultraviolet rays to beam onto the poly type substance of the floor eventually breaking it down. This means that the entire floor must be replaced at great cost.
  4. DOUBLE WEBBING AT CORNERS In addition to internally sewn seams, Freedom touring tents feature double webbing attached to metal “D” rings at each corner. Double webbing distributes the tension between two distinct pulling lines at right angles to each other and prevents seam opening. In the unfortunate event of the webbing breaking, the tent can still be erected using the other one.
  5. SPRING LOADED POLE Freedom touring tents feature a unique SPRING LOADED CENTRE POLE. This means that the centre pole is not fixed but moves in unison with the wind. The result is the buffeting effects of the wind are absorbed within the pole taking the tension off the ground pegs. Tents utilising the Spring Loaded Centre Pole are virtually impossible to blow down. Just ask Freedom Tent users. A conventional telescopic pole is rigid once the tent is pitched. Continual buffeting from the wind can result in corner pegs pulling out of the ground and the tent collapsing.
  6. “D” ZIPPED DOOR” Freedom has been using a system of zipping the tent door in the shape of a “D” since 1976. The major advantage of using this system is “D” zipped doors are easily moved out of the way for access.
  7. Most imported tent frames are manufactured from lightweight rolled steel frames which has little structural strength. Rolled steel is easily recognised because of the seam in the steel. Top quality tents use tube steel for greater strength.


Tent check list


The above information was supplied on a brochure with a competitors tent. This may be true of their tents and is true of many tents on the market. Our top quality tents made in Australia and New Zealand have superior waterproofing as the canvas used is impregnated or coated with waterproof substance.


Many tent buyers…particularly less experienced campers do not look far beyond a tent fabric’s waterproofness and, of course, it is a very major factor. More experienced campers know from bitter experience that the ability of a fabric to breathe is also most essential to comfortable camping. These two factors are somewhat contradictory but are both extremely critical. Some fabric makers claim excessive waterproofs (much more than necessary) and as a result the fabric is unable to breathe, causing moisture condensation to form within the tent. Others claim sufficient breathability but are insufficiently waterproofed for extreme conditions.

Bradmill Canvas

Bradmill canvas is simply the best canvas you can buy. The longest expected life span of over 30 years. The most breathable canvas for the the cold or the heat. The best impregnated waterproofing. Blend of 65% polyester 35% cotton. Used on freedoms top tents for the past 20 years

Coolabah Canvas

Coolabah is the highest quality, light-medium weight, blended polyester/cotton Dynaduck@ tent fabric available. coolabah is a very tightly constructed fabric as it is woven from fine yarn counts. The material is designed specifically for higher quality tents and campervan roofing and walling. 750mm hydrostatic test rating. Canvas made in Australia.


This is measured by a hydrostatic head test whereby we test the amount of water required under pressure to penetrate the fabric. These test results are expressed as a minimum and not as a maximum as some other companies would advise. “Bradmill” has a hydrostatic head test result of 400mm (minimum) which is the correct balance to stop the most fierce storm from penetrating the fabric to keep you safe and dry.


Freedom Tourer tents are built using robust double layer 12 ounce & 10 ounce canvas roofs. This gives the additional strength and wears capabilities needed in touring style tents.